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Lisa Salters (ESPN): Luck Favors The Prepared

In this episode, Dr. George James and Lisa discuss:

  1. Earning your stripes

  2. Getting advice from your crew

  3. Dwelling on the last game

  4. Developing an inner confidence Key Takeaways:

  5. You’ll earn your stripes by doing important and difficult work, but it does come with a toll sometimes. It’s important to get through it and be able to live and grow right after.

  6. Get some good advice from your “crew” before making any major life decisions. Hopefully you’ve surrounded yourself with good people but it’s always best to get the opinion of people who love you and care for you.

  7. You can’t keep dwelling on the last game, you have to move forward, stay in the present, or you’ll get run over.

  8. We all need confidence. You need to create a sureness inside that you belong where you are and that you can do your job well while avoiding being arrogant or entitled. Doing this will allow you to stay strong and grow in your career. "You have to trust your preparation… luck favors the prepared." — Lisa Salter Connect with Lisa Salters: Twitter: Instagram: Connect with Dr. George James: Website: | Instagram: Facebook: LEAPCast Community: Twitter: YouTube: LinkedIn: Audio production by Turnkey Podcast Productions. You're the expert. Your podcast will prove it.

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