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Dr. George facilitates an interactive seminar titled, I Give Myself Permission™. 

We should all practice self-care. That’s what we hear but why don’t we do it?

I Give Myself Permission™ uncovers the multiple layers that keep us from practicing self-care. It highlights the burdens that weigh us down, provides tools to help each person start or continue the practice of self-care, and lastly encourages each person to release any limits they have by permitting themselves.


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Leading Through Uncertainty

Many leadership teams are overwhelmed with the responsibilities of guiding their teams in the current climate. Some leaders are new to their roles while others have had a long tenure in their roles. 


In addition, in the past two-plus years we experienced multiple challenges

  • Racial Injustice

  • Economic Struggles

  • Burnout/Languishing/Quiet Quitting

  • Divorce/Separation/Increased Arguments 


The combination of these events, in addition to other responsibilities, work, family & and relationship challenges can be overwhelming. 

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More about Dr. James

  • CEO of George Talks, LLC

  • I help people unlock unlimited possibilities in Business and in Love.

  • 20+ years in the mental health field (Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist)

  • 20+ years as a media expert - Today Show, CBS3, NBC News Now, Good Day Philly, Good Day LA, iHeartradio, and many more. 

  • Areas of Practice: Executive Coaching, Media & Corporate Consulting, Speaking, Event host, Media personality & therapy.

  • Host of LEAPcast podcast where I share amazing stories of Leaders, Entertainers, Athletes & Performers. 

  • Married to Dr. Candace Robertson-James & father to Nalani & Alex.

Worked With

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At the Social Justice Learning Institute we are dedicated to improving the health, education and wellbeing of youth and communities of color while empowering them to create the change they want to see in the world. The leaders of our team’s various programs and efforts bring our mission to life, and I take pouring into them very seriously. We’ve provided different professional development opportunities but being completely transparent, none of them are like Dr. James’ “I Give Myself Permission” keynote and training. It was so authentic, engaging and impactful. He met them where they were as individuals and gave them tools they can use to really unlock the higher levels of themselves, not only in their work but also in their daily lives. It’s even influenced how we encourage one another and the team culture. Thank you Dr. James.

- Derek Steele, Executive Director, Social Justice Learning Institute

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