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The Relationship™
Re-Do Experience

Do some of your relationships need a Re-Do?

Whether a romantic, family, friend or business relationship, most of us could benefit from a Re Do™. Relationship Do Over (Re Do™) will help participants overcome minor hiccups, common challenges and intense difficulties.

The Re Do™ programs allow people to re-do aspects of their relationships as they learn new skills to improve their relationship efficacy. This signature program includes events, couples activities, books, podcasts, webinars, courses, the Couples Mastermind and more.

The Relationship Re-Do experience is made up of four key programs Date Night Re-Do, I Do Re Do Couples Retreat, Relationship Do Over Intensive, and Photography Showcase. 

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The Re Do™
Program Is For you if...


Intimate Relationships

Whether you are struggling to overcome infidelity, need to rebuild trust, can’t seem to spend enough time with your partner, feel you’ve lost the spark or chemistry in your relationship or your career is booming but your relationship is in a slump



Perhaps you are having challenges with your employees, co-workers or business partners


Family & Friends

You may be struggling with division of labor, chores, multiple expectations and responsibilities, or difficult connections with a family member or friend

Date Night Re-Do ™

Date Night Re Do™ is a new concept created by Dr. George James that allows couples to experience live music, food, featured talks and skits while also considering important enhancement topics.


This program allows you to reinvigorate your dating relationship with your spouse/partner. Reconnect and be entertained while gaining essential tools to enhance your relationship.
For many, it can be hard, if not impossible, to have a typical date night.  But we don’t believe in having typical Date Nights, that’s why we introduced the concept of Date Night Re Do™ a few years ago where couples have the opportunity to connect and engage each other on a new level. 

Now, we bring that same energy and opportunity to you at home with Date Night Re Do™ in a Box. We curated a special mix of love, fun, intimacy, connection, touch, energy, and more in our Date Night Re Do™ in a Box.  In addition, Dr. James, creator of Date Night Re Do™, provides each customer with a special message filled with tips and suggestions to have an amazing Date Night. 

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I Do Re Do is an exclusive couples retreat designed to help couples feel like the day they said I Do. Immerse yourselves in a weekend of connection, edutainment, and renewal, where love is celebrated, bonds are strengthened, and lasting memories are created in a vibrant and supportive atmosphere.

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