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Discover Dr. George in the press as he engages with high-achievers from various walks of life. His focus is on uncovering their human moments, whether it's during a performance, in a professional setting, or in their personal lives. From stages to sports fields, and emergency rooms to family gatherings after significant events, Dr. George highlights the human moments that define these successful individuals. His goal is to normalize these experiences, creating a connection between everyday people and those they admire and revere, showing that at the core, we all share similar human moments.

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Articles written for Ebony:
Forgiveness is Love - February 2016

Manning Up Without Dad - June 2016

Altar Egos - June 2016

Sex & Money - August 2015

I Am A Man - October 2015

Danger Control - August 2014

The Single Dad Manifesto - November 2014

What's Age Got To Do With It? June 2012


and many more​


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