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I am an Executive Coach, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Media & Corporate Consultant and an international Speaker.

My mission is to inspire, teach and empower interpersonal relationships by helping individuals to have fulfilling, meaningful and fruitful familial, business and intimate relationships. 

George Talks, LLC

The mission of George Talks, LLC is to inspire, teach and empower interpersonal relationships by helping individuals to have fulfilling, meaningful and fruitful familial, business and intimate relationships. George Talks, LLC also seeks to help people overcome the individual and relational struggles and challenges that prevent them from maximizing their potential. 

Through its innovative programs, events and resources George Talks, LLC will increase knowledge, skills, and efficacy and empower individuals, couples, families and businesses to actualize their full potential. Utilizing a model that allows individuals, couples and families to appropriately identify problem areas, repair past struggles and rebuild, we aim to promote strong, healthy, fruitful, productive and vibrant interpersonal relationships.

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Meet Dr. George James

Dr. George James, LMFT, MBA and CEO of George Talks, is a renowned counselor and assistant professor at Thomas Jefferson University. He specializes in helping individuals with relationship struggles and personal development, serving a diverse clientele including professionals, couples, and young adults. Dr. James holds degrees in psychology, family therapy, business administration, and clinical psychology, and is recognized for his leadership and community service. In his personal life, he is a dedicated husband and father to two children.



Dr. George James has been an invaluable partner to the Abington Friends School community in the programs that he has designed and led for AFS families. On topics of child anxiety and racialized trauma, Dr. James' depth of clinical and academic expertise have grounded useful and accessible frameworks and concepts for parents. But it is his spirit of profound care, thoughtful listening and supportive encouragement that has truly touched our families. Dr. James has a gift for connecting with people in his warmth, generous spirit and empathy that opens doors to meaningful discussion and reflection. He models the humility, curiosity and compassion that he encourages for self and others in thinking about challenging topics. I truly value Dr. James as a partner to me as a school leader in helping us think about creating a healthier school community for all.



Rich Norie, Head of School, Abington Friends School

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Dr. James is a gem!

His authentic style and affect really work to engage audiences while teaching and sharing tools which can significantly improve lives.  He is a welcomed voice in any wellness space.

~ Ali Rogers; Black Nonprofit Chief Executives of Philadelphia

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Listen to
the LEAPcast

Join Dr. George as he connects with high-achievers and highlights their human moments; whether on a stage, on a field, in an ER, or spending time with the family after an important performance or event. The goal is to normalize these human moments and connect others living their everyday lives who may share similar experiences with individuals they both admire and revere.

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