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How My Voice Helped Me Comeback From a Setback with Patty Jackson

In this episode, Dr. George James interviews Patty Jackson about her historic 39 year career in radio at WDAS (iHeartradio) and how her voice helped her comeback from a setback. She shares her experience from the beginning of her career to now, her connections to music icons, her experience as a caretaker and as an "Auntie" to so many people. Patty Jackson and Dr. George James discuss the importance of:

  1. Overcoming setbacks and the importance of mental wellness

  2. Learning from radio icons and how she used those lessons to work with celebrities and many others over the years

  3. Her role in the community, as a mother, as an Auntie and as an icon in the radio businessHighlights: 28:00 Patty Jackson “I love Patti Austin. I thought I was looking in the mirror with the same kind of personality. Lisa Fisher, Lionel Richie felt like family. And when we finally met, he was like, cousin. Because it's just because I interviewed him on the phone for years. It's just family. Nice. You know, Jamie Foxx, it feels like family, you have to do something. I hosted his book tour in Philadelphia. And it was like talking with an old friend.” 38:00 Patty Jackson “There was a time when my mom was dying ... I was in denial ... I didn't want to accept it...I always felt like that Smokey Robinson song, Tears of a Clown. "You may see a smile on my face. But it's only they're trying to fool the public. But when it comes down to fooling you." I remember when I interviewed Smokey Robinson, I said, I know I was just a baby, but I felt like you were writing about my life...And I never wanted to admit depression. You know, a lot of people will never admit it, but there will be times in our life where we will go through depression. And it's okay to say, I'm not okay.” 37:00 Dr. George James “I love the fact that you know, my mom always says: “You give people flowers while they're alive.” And you are honorable and you recognize what people have done in the impact. And I think that just highlights the impact that you've had, through your voice, through your craft, through the radio, through the community, the concerts, the conversations, being an auntie, just the way you show up. I think it's just great. Someone or a group of people said, Let's just honor you and make it public.'' Bio: Her voice is warm, soulful and sweet! Patty Jackson, born in November, 1963 and raised in South Philadelphia, is a thirty-six year radio veteran. Patty’s radio career has taken her from WSSJ in Camden, New Jersey, to the country station XTU, then to Philadelphia’s Hip Hop station WUSL, and the classic R&B format known as WDAS-FM. After spending one year co-hosting mornings at WIOQ, Patty returned to her home at WDAS. Patty’s mid-day program, her Cafe 105, and 4-1-1 features are all considered mandatory to Philadelphia’s adult radio listeners! She can also be heard across the country via the iHeartRadio app. Patty is currently the midday host at 'DAS-FM working 10 am to 3 pm, Monday through Friday. On Sunday mornings, you can hear Patty’s “Rewind” magazine show 8am – 12pm, covering everything from life to politics and entertainment, as well as celebrity interviews from the past week. In addition, she hosts “The Wide Wonderful World of Butter” oldies program every Sunday night from 7 pm to 12 midnight and a weekly WDAS-FM podcast called "Patty and the Millennials." Whether she’s chatting it up with the stars or talking about the spicy seafood salad that the WDAS staff begs her to make, Patty Jackson’s voice is undeniably the female adult voice of the Philadelphia market! Connect with Patty Jackson

  4. FB: Patty jackson

  5. YouTube: Patty jackson

  6. Twitter: @mspattyjackson

  7. IG: Wdaspatty

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