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Trust Your Inner Creative & Take the LEAP of Faith with Lony’e Perrine

In this episode, Dr. George James interviews Lony'e Perrine. She is known for her acting roles in Colin in Black & White, Criminal Minds, Rosewood, Castle, and Funny Married Stuff. Lony’e and Dr. George James discuss the importance of:

  1. How Lony’e began her acting career and her background

  2. The struggles of being able to achieve that level of success

  3. Multiple facets of life that impact the journey and path we are all onHighlights: 2:00 - Lony’e Perrine “I was studying various different things, but I started out as a kid actor doing commercials. My mother was a model, so I had left that behind…” Lony’e Perrine: I kind of phased out of acting and just was focused solely on running, which led me to Villanova. But while I was there, I was in that weird stage of trying to figure out what I really wanted to do because I was a political science major, English major minor and Africana studies major while running on track, but I also took theater classes at school. So it was kind of like all over the place. My advice is try everything until you find something that grabs you, that you just really can't resist doing.“ 35:00 - Lony’e Perrine “I want to create something and I feel like as a creative person, we have stories in us that we want to tell, and no one's going to be able to tell them better than us… You get attached to that and you really want that role because you won't be able to tell that story because of that topic, or that storyline you're passionate about...” 15:00 - Dr. George James “I love that you were dropping so many really important gems and nuggets. I appreciate your willingness to. This internal struggle, the anxiety attacks, going into something and in your spirit, in your heart, in your soul, you knew it just wasn't right. And how we do that, we force ourselves to just keep going. And how like you felt that along the way there...I don't know if I'm doing this right or if I'm too old or all the other negative self-talk that can happen. And you kept pushing your way through... Lony’e Perrine’s Pre-Performance Ritual: I just do the work for my roles/opportunities, pray, show up as my authentic self, do my best and let God do the rest. Connect with Lony'e Perrine

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