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The Voice You Almost Never Heard with Scott Palmer

In this episode, Dr. George James interviews Scott Palmer about his career being an Award winning Broadcaster & Ambassador to the Philadelphia Phillies. Scott Palmer and Dr. George James discuss:

  1. Overcoming the hurdles to achieve success throughout a long career in broadcasting.

  2. How the difficult moments really let someone see what they are truly capable of.

  3. The great moments he witnessed through his sportscasting careerHighlights: 10:00 Dr. George James “It just sounds like you found a way to keep pushing through until you leave. At the place where you belonged and fortunately for you, it happened early, but I know a lot of people, it takes a long time, but that, that's just amazing” 12:00 Scott Palmer “The camera is just the midway point. It shouldn't be an obstacle to talk to the folks. It should be, you know, a transit to talking to the folks, talking with the folks is even better. And he said, if you do that, you know, you just might, you just might last a while.” 15:00 Scott Palmer “It's a high moment for you that sticks out for you out of your career. That's easy because of the profession. I've now for the last 16 years with the Phillies. When we won our world series championship in 1980, we'll take part as every member of our front office. There's the players in a parade that Philadelphians have been waiting more than 20 years for, and to feel that love from the city on a flight. Bio: Born on Wednesday, October 26, 1949, Scott Palmer holds a Bachelor’s degree from Western Illinois University, class of 1975. He was an English major before switching to broadcasting. He has covered an extensive range of sporting events throughout his career. Some highlights are the Final Four at the Spectrum, US Open in Merion, the controversial baseball strike of 1981 and when the Phillies won the NL PENNANT in 1983 and the WORLD SERIES in 2008. Connect with Scott Palmer

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