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Pursuing My Passion for Acting Brought Me Billions with Toney Goins

In this episode, Dr. George James interviews actor and performer Tony Goins, featured in ABC series For Life with upcoming features in the film “Cherry” and TV show “Billions.” Toney relates to the everyday struggle and pursuit of passion as he shares his life experiences and unexamined human moments. Toney Goins and Dr. George James discuss:

  1. Toney’s childhood and how he discovered his passion and pursued a career in show business

  2. A behind the scenes look of what it takes to become an actor and how Toney overcame failure and rejection

  3. Toney’s influences in life include his Mom, Grandmother, mentors, and fellow students and actors throughout his career.Highlights: 1:30 Toney Goins “My Mom has a background in dance and my grandmother, she was in entertainment. She sings, she does theater. My great-grandfather was a musician. So my mom's side has a lot of entertainment background to them. And, I wanted to get involved in that, in some way.” 21:00 Toney Goins “I love this. And I think it's rare that people are in a position where they get to say, I love what I do. Like that's where I am. I get, I am happy that I get to go to work 29:00 Dr. George James “Wow. You did not give up on yourself. I hear you, these moments that you were able to transition from the moment of asking yourself, do I really want to do this?” Bio: Toney Goins, a Philadelphia native, made a name for himself by winning local theater awards for Best Choreographer in 2012, 2013, and 2014. In 2018, he graduated from The Juilliard School for Drama where he received the Career Advancement Grant upon graduation. He made his New York acting debut in the Off-Broadway production of Toni Stone, is featured in the ABC series For Life, and will be featured in The Russo Brothers' upcoming film Cherry. Find more info on Toney’s IMDb page here. Toney’s Pre-Performance Ritual “When I’m working on a play, I go by myself and meditate to focus my energy, calm my nerves, and tune in to the work I’m about to do. Film/tv is more than just turning a switch on and off depending on the intensity of the scene.” Connect with Tony

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