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Mixing Music, Visuals, Production & Fatherhood with Esteban Serrano

In this episode, Dr. George James interviews Esteban Serrano about his multifaceted career of being a writer, producer and director who’s part of keeping the Music alive at MTV Esteban Serrano and Dr. George James discuss:

  1. Esteban’s producing career and work at MTV

  2. The moments that fuel Estaben’s passion for music, including his wife and family

  3. The obstacles he overcame to reach his current level of successHighlights: 17:00 Esteban Serrano “So you know, as a producer, we prepare for any and every scenario that we can see potentially going wrong. There are always some unforeseen things that could appear and those are the moments I rest in my preparation. I know that I prepared. I know that I've done all that I can in my knowledge and what I can foresee and try to put out fires that haven't occurred yet.” 28:00 Dr. George James “I think that's really powerful. This thought of being a high achiever going after those goals and dreams. Sometimes we can produce our life. Like we can have in lockstep thinking “this is going to happen” and “that's going to happen” and then when we get sidetracked or something happens we can be as they say, in our feelings. And sometimes it's necessary, because you just never know where the opportunity is.” 29:00 Esteban Serrano “Alright, that didn’t happen and you ask ‘what's next?’ because something has got to be coming down the pipe If you don’t let me have that one. Every time it works out that way, and I'm constantly a student, not only of hip hop, television and film, but I'm also a student of me and my spirituality, the path that I'm walking, I know that I'm not perfect at it, and there's times that I've slipped up or there's times like that where I'll be mad at God and you know he shows me, something better. But now I'm at the point where if something doesn't work out even if I really, really wanted it, I know, because he's proven to me time and time again that something better is about to happen.” Esteban Serrano’s Bio: Esteban Serrano has built a career in television working nearly 2 decades in the industry. At the heart of his career, he is a storyteller and producer. From his early days at MTV in 2004 producing the iconic TRL, to his present days at the network helping to relaunch Yo! MTV Raps in countries like Asia, the United Kingdom and beyond, it’s the stories and love of hip hop that fuel his passion. Esteban Serrano’s Pre-Performance Ritual: I always ask God for guidance. All of him and none of me. And I ask him to send his Holy Spirit to my audience so that I am received well and the atmosphere is set. Connect with Esteban Serrano

  4. Twitter: @Estebanserrano

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