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LEAPswap with Brian "bbsketch" Bowens

In this bonus episode of LEAPswap, Dr. George James swaps the mic with Brian Bowens, aka “bbSketch.” Bio: Brian Bowens aka bbsketch, is a leading Illustrator and Designer who has built his reputation on an authentic love for sports and a brilliant eye. His visual approach is energetic, emotional, and dynamic. He brings athletes and stories to life through a recognizable style that builds on existing connections fans and enthusiasts have with their favorite athletes. He is sought after by many leagues, sports teams, brands and players and is able to apply his artistic gifting to any arena. Brian Bowens’ Pre-Performance Ritual Before anything, he meditates and prays. Connect with Brian:

  1. Twitter: @bbsketch

  2. Instagram: @bbsketchRate, Review & Subscribe We love hearing from our listeners. If you enjoyed the show, please leave us a rating, review and subscribe anywhere you listen to podcasts. If you aren’t already a part of the LEAPcast community, then please subscribe at

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