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Dr. Stephen Treat: The Power of Paying it Forward

In this episode, Dr. George James and Dr. Stephen Treat discuss:

  1. Doing intrinsically meaningful things

  2. Moving forward through mentorship

  3. Surrounding yourself with people

  4. Extending the same faith in othersKey Takeaways:

  5. Seek to do things that are intrinsically meaningful - the kind of activities or careers that bring joy into your life and create good in the world.

  6. You need to have a mentor that can see you differently to the way that you see yourself or think of yourself in order for you to move forward.

  7. Don’t carry it all by yourself. No matter what position you find yourself in, whether you’re a leader in your office or not - somebody’s got to know about the anxieties that you’re carrying, it will make you a better person.

  8. Remember the people that believed in you and pay it forward. Give people the same faith and care that people gave you - that same faith and care that got you to where you are. "He said, ‘Before the next board meeting, I need you to have an executive committee… instead of you just carrying the anxiety of holding this up, you’re gonna have 5 or 6 people to carry it with you as a team’ and I did that, I learned to be a much better leader. I stopped carrying it all by myself." — Dr. Stephen Treat Connect with Dr. Stephen Treat: Website: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Twitter: YouTube: Phone: 215-382-6680 Email: Connect with Dr. George James: Website: | Instagram: Facebook: LEAPCast Community: Twitter: YouTube: LinkedIn: Audio production by Turnkey Podcast Productions. You're the expert. Your podcast will prove it.

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