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Design Like A Celebrity with Taniya Nayak

In this episode Dr. George Interviews Taniya Nayak about her career as a celebrity Interior Designer. Taniya and Dr. George James discuss:

  1. The inspiration that drove her to becoming an interior designer.

  2. The loving relationship between her family and friends.

  3. The importance of overcoming setbacks and being happy.Episode Highlights: 4:00 Taniya Nayak “After numerous jobs that just weren't a right fit for me. I literally had this moment of an aha kind of like, what am I doing? I'm too young. I can't be doing a job I hate for the rest of my life. So let me figure this out. And so I ended up waking up the next day, marching my butt right over to the Boston architectural college.” 16:00 Dr. George James “Yeah, I think about my family, and I just don't know how they did it. I don't know how they sacrifice their time, work so hard, so many hours, so many jobs, and still have time for family, faith, and community. When I think about it, I'm inspired. I also hear what you're saying, this thought of, we have to carry a lot and then how that can show up in our work or what we take on and I've heard so many people, especially a lot of high achievers will say like, they're just used to taking on a lot and and not never navigating the balance.” 38:00 Taniya Nayak “I will say as I became a professional, I realized the importance of giving back. And I feel like when I was younger I was always a part of Girl Scouts or whatever these groups that would give back in those ways. I would go to homeless shelters, I gave back. But it became more inherent to me as I got older that I needed to give back more. You know, it's a lot of these organizations that are catered towards children. And yeah, it fills a void for me that I know that I can help give back to, to kids and some, you know, in some way so you know, it's something I'm very passionate about.” Taniya Nayak’s Bio: Taniya Nayak has been regularly featured as host and interior designer on HGTV shows including “Battle on the Beach” and the upcoming Spring 2022 series “Build It Forward.” She is a featured designer on Food Network's “Restaurant Impossible” and a judge on ABC’s “The Great Christmas Light Fight.” Launching in late 2021 is Taniya’s much-anticipated first podcast, “The Break.” A native of India, this Boston-based designer is known for creating hot new restaurants and high end residential projects all over the US. Her latest design projects include Tuscan Market, Yellow Door Taqueria, and several new Ruth’s Chris Steak House restaurants across the country. She has designed for celebrities Ayesha Curry, Robert Irvine, Cam Neely and more. In November 2021, Len-Tex and MDC will launch Taniya’s first-ever collection of wall coverings. You may also recognize Taniya for her appearances on Today, Good Morning America, The Ellen Degeneres Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Talk, The View, and The Rachael Ray Show, as well as featured in Architectural Digest India, Design New England, People magazine, Better Homes & Gardens, Real Simple, Entertainment Weekly, and Cosmopolitan. Taniya supports the Room to Dream Foundation, Smile Train, No Kid Hungry, and Aksaya Patra Organization. Taniya was selected personally by Ellen Degeneres as a brand spokesperson for her home product line, “E.D. On Air,” featured on QVC. Taniya successfully owns her design firm Taniya Nayak Design, Inc based in Boston and is co-owner to several restaurants in the Boston area with her husband Brian O’Donnell.

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