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Choosing Family over Fame with No Regrets with Michael Jerrick

In this episode, Dr. George James interviews Mike Jerrick. He is a news anchor of Good Day Philadelphia on Fox29. He also hosts an original show called “The Jerrick Report.” Mike Jerrick and Dr. George James discuss the importance of:

  1. Growing up in a conservative home, but still keeping his identity.

  2. Making the most of moments while you are still alive with those around you.

  3. Recognizing how depression starts and overcoming it.Highlights: 18:30 Mike Jerrick “I quit that job in New York to everybody's shock and dismay, because the show was number one. I quit and flew to Los Angeles and did that show. The main reason was the only reason, so my father could see me on TV. It felt good because about a year after I started doing it, my mother told me he would watch it every day. He doesn't miss it at all. You know, he'll go sit down and watch it every day.” 35:00 Mike Jerrick “Some things happened and I went down a bad rabbit hole of depression and couldn't get out of it. So I figured I'll drink my way out of it. But that didn't work, obviously, so I got so bad. I did go see a psychiatrist and he gave me antidepressants. So I got well and he told me, don't drink alcohol with it. Yeah, but of course I did. So now, one drink was like two and it was like four. Yeah ,and thank God, the station stepped in and allowed me to go to a rehab facility in North Carolina, but it was mainly for the depression. I could not get out of it. I didn't go to work. I couldn't move. And if I did move, it was just a walk around my apartment or walk out here in Philadelphia, just wandering the streets because I didn't want to lay down and I couldn't go to sleep. I just want to lay there. So I went down there for 30 days of therapy. We talked about a lot of stuff. And when I came out of there, I have not had those depressing negative thoughts ever since then. It was remarkably successful.” 30:00 Dr. George James “Yeah, I think that sometimes our families don't always show up for us the way that we need or want. I grew up an only child. I do have a sister I learned later in life. And we're close. But the people that have been family to me have been friends. And yeah, and I've come to appreciate them, you know, like, appreciate that I can share my life with them. And it sounds like for you in these big moments, probably great, amazing moments and maybe even though, sad moments, you are able to go to your friends.” Mike Jerrick Bio: Mike is the anchor of Good Day Philadelphia on Fox29 and host of The Jerrick Report. Mike Jerrick is a writer and producer, known for Sci-Fi Buzz (1992), All My Children (1970) and HBO's World Entertainment Report (1991). Mike also has two daughters, Jessica and Jill. He is a graduate of the University of Kansas and started his career at Topeka's WIBW-TV in Kansas. Mike launched his syndicated morning TV program, The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet with his co-host, Juliet Huddy in 2007. Connect with Mike Jerrick

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