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Changing Hearts with Art with Brian "bbsketch" Bowens

In this episode, Dr. George James interviews Brian Bowens, aka “BB Sketch” about his career as an artist and all the human elements involved. Brian "BB Sketch" Bowens’ and Dr. George James discuss:

  1. Brian Bowens passion and how he was able to reach success

  2. The way art speaks the human elements

  3. The psychology, opportunities and wonderment that involves life and art.Highlights: 2:00 Brian Bowens “I’m a creative by trade. I’ve been exercising my gift ever since I could remember. I would draw my own comic books, design my own sneakers, study and admire different art styles. It was like a gateway. I would just focus on drawing and that will help me feel comfortable. If I felt anxious or scared I would focus on drawing.” 6:00 Brian Bowens “I always loved to draw. I spent most of my time in the art room growing up at school, went to art school dellwood College art and design, did two years there, learned how to do illustration, learned graphic design, photography, fine art type biography, all that stuff. “ 29:00 Dr. George James “When you believe something, you see it, you know you almost you know, it's real, but right now it just doesn't feel like it. And to try to calm down the people around you, or support the people around you, as well as yourself. It's a lot. It can be overwhelming. And, the ability to just keep keep going, keep pushing, keep working, you know, keep shooting or keep drawing or keep whatever it is till you get there and and you get a little gig here where you get a little opportunity there, and then you get a bigger opportunity” Bio: Brian Bowens aka bbsketch, is a leading Illustrator and Designer who has built his reputation on an authentic love for sports and a brilliant eye. His visual approach is energetic, emotional, and dynamic. He brings athletes and stories to life through a recognizable style that builds on existing connections fans and enthusiasts have with their favorite athletes. He is sought after by many leagues, sports teams, brands and players and is able to apply his artistic gifting to any arena. Brian Bowens’ Pre-Performance Ritual Before anything, he meditates and prays. Connect with Brian:

  4. Twitter: @bbsketch

  5. Instagram: @bbsketch

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