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Addicted To Peace (A Veteran's Story) with Frank Sean Johnson

In this episode, Dr. George James interviews Frank Sean Johnson. His roles as a producer, actor, writer, teacher and speaker emanate positivity from deep within Frank’s passion to keep living no matter what. Frank is a Veteran and providing service to the United States and its people. He has gone through many experiences that have shaped his life, up to this moment. Frank and Dr. George James discuss:

  1. How living with a disability is a blessing in disguise

  2. Frank’s career as an actor and how he carries his emotions into his roles in Madam Secretary and The Drummer

  3. Frank’s drive, determination and positive attitude manifesting themselves in his gameplay and teamwork off and on the court

  4. Post Traumatic Growth - The ability to grow and even thrive after experiencing traumatic experiences.Episode Highlights: 6:30 Frank Sean Johnson “I wake up in the morning, I can see the paradox, I can wake up, I can see I can't get up. You know, I can see people looking at me, and I think they're looking at me because I'm disabled. So all that information is always coming in, always coming in. And unless you talk to yourself more than that, you're always gonna find yourself, unbalanced, always gonna find yourself fighting to feel better. Being in the hospital as long as I was, and having time alone, after everybody left, and you're there by yourself, you got a lot of time to talk to yourself. The question is, what are you saying, what are you saying to yourself?” 31:00 Frank Sean Johnson “I've always liked telling the story. To me, ever since I was a kid, I wrote stories, I wrote poems, you know, then I got into rap. So I've always loved to tell the story, in a creative way. And so acting to me is just, it's telling a story, it's not yours, but it could be yours. Inspirational pieces are specifically what I like. I like to change people's perspective, or I like to add to it, or I like to make them think. And I think, with acting, you have to really empty yourself, you know, I think that's very therapeutic for me to just be able to let myself go and put on something else, overtop of that. And that's hard to do. Because the more hang ups you have about yourself, the harder it is to be vulnerable. It's hard to do that. .” 21:00 Dr. George James “I think that's important, so many people are in challenging situations, tough situations, where they feel overwhelmed, or they don't think it's going to be okay. Or they don't have a support system, or they haven't game planned, you know, the worst case scenario. And to hear what you're saying, Is that like, you know, at the same time, what is the silver lining? What is that thing that is going to bring light or hope? So I think, to me, that's what I've found inspiring in what you were able to do, because this is a time now, where because you were in the military, and came out. And now because you were injured, you went back. And while you're always connected, it sounds like you deepen your connection with the VA.” Frank Sean Johnson Bio: Frank Sean Johnson is an actor, known for Welcome to the Land of Misfits, Madam Secretary (2014) and The Drummer (2020). He is active in the wheelchair basketball community. Not only that, but he won 2 gold medals and 1 bronze medal in the 2013 National Veterans Wheelchair Games held in Tampa, Florida. He carries the roles of producer, actor, writer, teacher and speaker emanate positivity from deep within Frank’s motivation to live a positive life.

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