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3 Key Reasons Why Your Vote Matters This Election

2020 has presented us with what feels like nothing but continuous obstacles, testing the mental health of the public as well as our hope for a brighter future. While politics are normally at the forefront of people’s thoughts during the election season, this year’s consistent stream of anxieties can leave many distracted.

You may be left wondering, “The world has already been completely turned upside down, why should voting be yet another concern?” or “How much worse can it really get? What good will my vote do?” Instead of feeling helpless and stepping back from politics, this year more than ever is the time to get involved and realize your vote matters.

#1: Heated Political Climate

Democrats and Republicans in our current political society are more fiercely divided than they have been in decades. Undesired presidential candidates are no longer a slight disappointment or something that may ruin someone’s week, but an event that completely alters people’s years. It has sparked horrendous debates among friends and family, pinning people against each other in a way that seems like it should be antiquated in today’s America.

The narrative of our country went speedily from one of a progressive place of diversity to a place where people feel silenced and fearful for their lives. With political beliefs of such extreme ranges, it is vital to have a say in the future you want to shape. If you don’t speak up for your beliefs or support those active in making a change, those that you completely disagree with will have more of a say in how this country operates. We all have the responsibility to contribute and one thing you can do is VOTE!

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#2: Your One Vote May Factor In More Than You Think

Depending on where you live, your state may not be composed of a majority of Democratic or Republican voters. Swing states like Pennsylvania are pretty much split down the middle when it comes to which party they support politically. This means that a mere few thousand votes could influence which candidate wins the state.

If you believe that your vote won’t make an impact and you live in one of these states, or a large group of people you know have the same outlook, you could very well be throwing away your opportunity to play a significant role in the election. And even if you aren’t located in a known swing state, there are times where states that normally elect Democratic or Republican candidates have done the opposite, so you never truly know what the outcome could be. Don’t let others decide the leaders who make decisions that govern your life. That decision is yours and yours alone. VOTE!

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#3: Getting Involved & Prioritizing Your Voice

Feeling hopeless about your ability to make a larger change shouldn’t be the driving factor in remaining silent. Even if you are just one vote, that singular vote signifies so much more than a tiny contribution to the greater picture. How you contemplate who you align your political beliefs with and who you are supporting as a possible leader for our country says a lot about what you stand for.

To not care for anything related to politics is to deny yourself knowledge regarding a huge part of our society that affects not only your life but everyone around you. By learning more about political positions and the history of our country you can be aware of what you may be blindly supporting and alter your actions accordingly.

woman passionately shouting using megaphone while protesting

Photo by Sides Imagery from Pexels

Dr. George James (@GeorgeTalks), Chief Innovation Officer, Senior Staff Therapist & Supervisor at Council for Relationships, Assistant Professor for the Couple and Family Therapy Program at Thomas Jefferson University and CEO of George Talks LLC.

Jamie McClelland, is a senior at Villanova University, double majoring in English and Communications with a specialization in media production.

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