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Alison Morris: Achieving Greatness Through Perseverance, Focus, and Adventure

In this episode, Dr. George James and Alison Morris discuss:

  1. Going on an adventure

  2. Life is a marathon

  3. How people can succeed

  4. Taking care of your mental healthKey Takeaways:

  5. Take a break to go on an adventure off of the straight path once in a while. You might discover things you wouldn’t have otherwise.

  6. Life is a marathon. It’s going to feel impossible sometimes, but staying down won’t help you get where you want. Get up and keep moving.

  7. Some people have success and greatness handed over to them, but many get there through perseverance, focus, and a bit of luck.

  8. Continuously encountering disturbing situations as a part of your job is not going to be good for your mental health. Remember to take a break and seek help."Think for a second before you leap, don't just jump... into a pool with no water. But don't be afraid of adventure because sometimes we all need that..." Alison Morris Connect with Alison Morris: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Connect with Dr. George James: Website: | Instagram: Facebook: LEAPCast Community: Twitter: YouTube: LinkedIn: Audio production by Turnkey Podcast Productions. You're the expert. Your podcast will prove it.

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