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Scandal Relationship Guide

Scandal Relationship Guide By George James Scandal has taken the country by storm. People across the country are eagerly anticipating the new season and will schedule their Thursday night around the show (a client of mine debated between watching Scandal and going to the gym).  What’s made this show so popular? Is it Kerry Washington […]



Ted Talk – Power of Relationships – George James

Ted Talk – Power of Relationships – George James On March 28, 2012, George James did a Ted Talk at the TEDxVillanovaU event. The talk is called The Power of Relationships! Click to watch George’s Ted Talk.



George Talks in Ebony Magazine!

George Talks is featured in the June 2012 issue of Ebony magazine. Click below to read! May-December – George Talks – Ebony June 2012  



Ignoring Child Abuse – Penn State & Jerry Sandusky

Ignoring Child Abuse! By George James, LMFT   The recent Penn State child abuse scandal reminds us that child abuse is real and occurs at alarming rates.  According to national statistics1, every ten seconds there is a report of child abuse.  Reported child abuse cases are categorized as follows: neglect (78.3%), physical abuse (10.8%), psychological […]



Athletes & Mental Illness

Athletes are People Too! By George James, LMFT   We expect a lot from athletes, from little leagues to professionals.  We expect athletes to perform at high levels, entertaining us with their physical ability and amazing us with their talent.  Unfortunately, we don’t expect athletes to be just like us, human.  We put athletes on […]



Getting the Wedding You Want, With No Drama!

Getting the Wedding You Want, With No Drama! By George James, LMFT The summer is a time for warm weather, vacation, family reunions and weddings. Many couples plan their wedding during the summer and fall months. Planning a wedding can bring a lot of stress and drama to the couple. From deciding when and where […]



Time to “Man Up”

Time to “Man UP” By George James, LMFT  The other day on my way to see clients, I heard Rihanna’s latest hit song “Man Down” on the radio again.  When I heard the song for the first time, I was pulled into the Caribbean beat.  I admit, the Jamaican in me connected to the music […]


sexting 2

Is Sexting Cheating? – George James on ABC

Is Sexting Cheating?  Recently in the news, we’ve seen and heard a lot about sexting because of various scandals including now former Representative Anthony Weiner. I’m often asked the question is sexting someone other than your partner a form of cheating? (See my ABC interview above, where I answer this question) Many people say […]



CNN: A puking bride, crazy squirrel and a fire

A puking bride, crazy squirrel and a fire • Story Highlights • One outdoor wedding destroyed by pouring rains, flooded street • Brother of a bride stood too close to a heater and caught his suit on fire • Wedding planner: “You want to be able to look back and laugh” • Companies offer insurance […]



Hilary Duff: Dream Wedding, Painless Prenup?

 Hilary Duff: Dream Wedding, Painless Prenup?       Aug 19, 2010 at 6:56am Beaming bride Hilary Duff wore something blue (underwear) and carried something old (her grandma’s cameo) to her “dream wedding” to Canadian hockey player Mike Comrie, but as the former Disney Channel star gushes about her big day to OK! magazine, the New York Post’s […]



Handling High-Tech Break-Ups

Handling High-Tech Break-Ups, FOX29 News    Updated: Friday, 15 Feb 2008, 6:29 PM EST Published : Friday, 15 Feb 2008, 6:29 PM EST So maybe Valentine’s Day didn’t work out so well for you. Your break-up could be more complicated than you’d think. Breaking up used to just mean giving back your key but now, […]