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1st & 10

1st & 10


Reaching your 10th anniversary is a landmark that many couples look forward to celebrating.  Unfortunately, many marriages end before reaching this goal.  In football, the goal is to get 10 yards to achieve a first down.  When a team achieves multiple first downs they will reach the ultimate goal of scoring a touchdown.  In marriage, reaching your first 10 years is an important “first down” that can lead to your touchdown – a lifelong happy marriage.  Just like football, reaching the first 10 years (or first down) is not easy.  It takes skills, effort and hard work to build an annual foundation of love.

This 2-disc coaching program, will assist couples in learning essential skills to help them get to their first 10 years of marriage.  As you listen to these CDs and apply the many lessons you will be able to strengthen your relationship, navigate through challenging times and get to your first 10 years of marriage.  All the skills needed to get to your first 10 years “first down” are the same skills you will use to get to 20, 30, 40 and more.


“If I Can Get You to 10, You can get to Forever!” #First10ThenForever”

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